Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Day At The Fair

Here is everyone getting Jessica's cow ready. Amazing how many people it takes to get one little girl into the show ring. The 2 older girls in the picture are good friends who came down to cheer Jessica on - they also grew up showing cows and Todd always helped them with their steers.

Tyler - in the yellow cap there (really its orange but here it looks yellow) was on poop patrol and was always running with the picth fork and wheelbarrow. He was really busy as they have 4 cows at the fair. He so wants to do this but is still to young. He did enter some corn in a class at the fair and got second place. The class was tallest corn stalk.
See that big smile in the picture below?? This is her second class. The first class was lots of nervous tears and then her cow stepped on her foot, got loose, etc. The friends that were helping made all kinds of bets with her about not crying for the second class - like buying her a snow cone and taking her to the tractor pool. So - she put on that big smile, which never left her face the whole class. She did really well for a first year kid - I was impressed!!

Tom and I did not stay for the last class but if you go over to QuiltedSimple you can see the results of the last class - Reserve Champion first year showmanship!! I am impressed. If you interested in seeing more of the day Kris was using her phone to send pictures to her blog - What Did We Do Without Cell Phones?? All I can say is - their hooked, they will be back at it next year. Now its on to her pig - Oinkey Doinkey- and more cows on Monday and Tuesday.
Enjoy your weekend!

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