Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Sunday Road Trip

Last Sunday we left pretty early in the morning, went to breakfast and then headed to Bucyrus, Ohio. We had heard about some murals that they have painted on their downtown buildings and figure what the heck. It was well worth the trip. The buildings were awesome. The one that looks like the town way back when looks as if you could drive down the road as they are in 3D. I did not get a full view of the town as a young man who had helped on both murals was there doing some restoration work.
The Statue of Liberty represents all the men in their county who fought in I think World War II. The background and all the columns are faces of those men.

Not much has been happening here this week. Monday I had to work - Tuesday we were out of work - I think those doctors could have planned it a little better so we were off Monday!! This week starts the fair for the grandkids. Brings back memories of all those years of 4H we did, I'm thinking 15+ or even more. One good thing - we are not doing all the work. I am going to enjoy watching Kris and Todd get all these animals ready while I'm sitting in my chair drinking lemonade.

Tom is on vacation this week also. Hopefully by next weekend I will be showing before and after pictures of our house going from yellow to gray.

Have a good weekend.

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