Monday, September 8, 2008

Dishrag tag

The box finally came for dishrag tag. These are the things that were inside. The dishrag of course, which is beautiful knitting, a Loopy Ewe clear bag (Loopy Ewe is a favorite of mine), a dog tag that teaches you the Kitchner stitch and some mints. I'm not sure but isn't that how you bind off a sock?? - which I hope to get back to as soon as the weather turns cooler and there is not so much to do. Also was the yarn that I was to knit a dishrag with and the instructions. I got started right after I got off work and was done around 5:30. I had hoped to be done sooner so I could get to the post office before 5:45 but that didn't happen. Tonight I will pack it up and take it to the post office on my lunch hour tomorrow.

Hopefully the box will move along at light speed to the next participant. Beth - your up next!!
This has been great fun - a little crazy when your box is heading east, goes to the Pennsylvania first, then back west to Ohio.
Good luck to everyone on our team!! YEA!!!!


Lib said...

I don;t knit but I do have several of these dishrags ,ans just Love them!
HAve a great week!

Sara said...

Where is the finished dish rag??
Have you starated my sweater yet? I did pick up the pattern for the costume, I am gonna need your help for sure! We still on for Wednesday?

A :-) said...

Hi Jackie! So glad you like The Loopy Ewe! I've done a lot of damage to my pocketbook there . . . and yes, the Kitchener stitch is how you finish top-down socks (it's how you close the toes)

Adrienne :-)