Monday, September 1, 2008

Is Labor day a holiday or laboring day??

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. We did do a bit of laboring over the 2 1/2 days that Tom and I had off. We cleaned up our picnic area that we have at the edge of our property - it really needed it. We actually got up early, Tom starting burning the trees that we had piled up back there and I went to McDonalds and got breakfast. It was so peaceful sitting back there. After we got that done Tom started plowing and disking up part of an old pasture to put in a hay field. We have baled this little piece for years but its not very good, just grass. We do get a little over a 100 bales off of it though so if we lose the hayfield we have presently we have a back up plan.

I made some progress on my Cropped Cardigan. I could see a mistake about 7 rows back and new it would bug me - so I ripped it out to that point and started again. Its looking much better and I think even at this point it looks like the beginnings of a sweater. I'm using Reynolds Lopi, which so far has been just great to knit with. I have 2 more of these to make, this one is probably going to Kris, Sara wants one and I have my eye on a blue Lopi. I should be really good by the time I get 3 done. Hey Kris and Sara - we will have to taking matchy-matchy photos when they are all done!! HAHA!!
Today we went off to Amish Country to look at wood stoves. We are going to heat our house mostly with wood this year we decided. We really didn't find much that we liked though, but then a lot of places were closed due to the holiday.
This is a picture of one of my flower beds , behind that our garden, and if you can see that cloud of dust at the very back of the picture - thats Tom trying to get the hay field ready. We need rain and as you can tell by the dust its very dry. He wanted to get it leveled out though today and planted before Thursday as we are supposed to get some rain by then.
I think I mentioned I joined dish rag tag - the box should be coming to me by the end of the week. I'm already, just waiting for it to get here.
Enjoy the rest of the your weekend........

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Sara said... matching pics!
Don't forget, I want brown!!
And I do love how it is turning out!