Sunday, September 28, 2008

quilting love - busy Sunday

What is great about having 2 quilting daughters?? You get lots of good quilty things!! Sara stopped by the other day and had made this table runner for me. The colors in the picture are not great but they are creams, burgundy and blue - which are the colors I have in my living room. Fits just right on this table to!! Next up is a small charm pack quilt that Kris made for me some time ago for Halloween. Its been sitting in my to complete basket waiting for the binding to be sewn so it can be used. I think I should get on that as Halloween is fast approaching.

Next is a quilt that I had a hand in. When a quilt shop first opened in our town I thought this would be for me. I cut out the hearts and sewed them with blanket stitch to larger blocks and that was as far as I got. I tried other quilting projects, quite a few but just couldn't that sewing machine love going. I still like to do hand sewing but knitting is my thing now and has been for a couple of years. That's probably why I knit by daughters sweaters and they make me quilted things.

Both Kris and Sara have stuck with the quilting and they both are excellent at it. I just love getting things like these.

We went to see Kris and her family this morning and took their lawn mower back that Tom had been fixing. There is always a man selling wood on their road so we stopped with the trailer on the way back and loaded it up. We are going to try heating with wood this winter and we need to get a good supply in. We got a load of slab wood back in August - this is a little bigger pieces but hopefully all will keep us nice and warm this winter.

From the very beginning I had wanted black and white or black chickens, which I was unable to get - so Kris and her family gave me 2 of their chickens today. We have had a lot of fighting going on today but hopefully they will calm down soon. We are up to 5 eggs a day so I need to find some new ways to use them up.
Tom is working nights this week. I'm planning on a night of knitting and watching some of the new shows out. Hope you had a good weekend.....


Lib said...

What pretty pics.
You are Blessed with 2 girls with tallent!:o)
We're thinking of going with a wood burner or pellet this winter. Our electric is going up 30% next month!
Have a great wk.

Sara said...

I love where you put it mom. It looks great there!!!