Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enjoying these days of Fall!!

Just wanted to say thanks for your concerns and prayers for my grandkids. Kids usually pop right back up and that they did. Hopefully they will stay healthy for awhile.

Below is a picture of my cropped cardigan. I haven't had much time to work on it lately but hopefully tonight. I am down to the last sleeve. Then its on to blocking. If any of you have any ideas on this they would be greatly appreciated. It is 100% wool so I know cold water but really have never had to block anything before.

My LYS has some great classes coming up. I think I am going to take a mitten class and am thinking about a felted pumpkin. I have made fingerless gloves before but never with a thumb, usually just a slit for your thumb - thus why not try mittens and learn how to do that.

This is the last corn from our garden. During the winds that we had over a week ago all the corn was knocked down. We just decided to leave it and see what happened. We have gotten about 3 doz since then. Due to our crazy summer weather we did not have a bumper crop of anything but what we did get sure did taste good.

Tomorrow I have some plans for a big bag of apples.
Until next time.....

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Lib said...

Glad the Grands are doing so well:o)
Love the cardian. I don't knit .
The corn looks good.
Hope your having a great day!