Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Its beginning to feel like Fall!!

We have been having some cooler nights and warm days - which means the seasons are a changing around here. I love this time of the year. I was putting out some Halloween decorations today - thought you might like to see this one. My grandmother made this for me in 1971. She had just moved into a senior citizen apartment and was taking ceramics. You can't tell by the picture but it lights up. She made this in 1971. I was just married, didn't even have any kids yet. I love putting out old things that have been saved over the years.
These are a few things I like about this time of year -- cooler days, pumpkin anything, changing leaves and hopefully soon sweater weather - and the cropped cardigans will be done.
Until next time......

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Lib said...

Love your decs. and the sweet memories:o)
I too,Love this time of yr.