Friday, September 19, 2008

Prayers for Jessica

Please say a prayer for my granddaughter Jessica who was hurt in a 4-wheeler accident yesterday. She does have a broken arm that could possibly need surgery and a possible head injury. They took her to a local children's hospital last night and I have not heard anything yet in this early morning hour. Her brother Tyler faired much better and only had a few bumps. Our family could use a couple of extra prayers today. Note: This is Kris at Quilted Simple kids.


Kristie said...

OH NO!!! I sure hope everything is ok!!! My prayers are with her and the whole family! My boys worry me to death too! Seems like kids just have no fear of anything. Keep us updated on how she is doing and please let Kris know that we are praying for them.

Lib said...

So sorry to hear this! Please tell Kris I am Praying for her and the Family!

Philigry said...
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Philigry said...

i just popped over to see kris, so glad she is doing better!