Monday, January 26, 2009

Brought to you by the letter G!

Hope everybody had a good weekend and has been staying warm - if you are in an area you are having those below freezing days. Just can't seem to get rid of them can we!! I'm hoping for a warm February!!

I am playing a letter meme from over at Kris' blog (quilted simple). She assigned me the letter G. I have to list 10 things that begin with the letter G that I like and tell why. If you want to play leave me a comment that you want to do so on my blog and I will assign you a letter and then you list 10 things, get more people to play and on and on this goes.

1. God.

2. Grandchildren. Tom, Joe, Jessica Tyler. Hopefully they will want to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for years to come. We have lots of fun with them.

3. Gardening. One of my favorite hobbies - whether it be vegetable gardening, flower gardening - I also include farming in this hobby - just on a larger scale.

4. Green beans. I like mostly all vegetables - but green beans would be at the top of the list on favorites. Fresh from the garden - I can eat them more than once a day.

5. Green - the color green, such as in green grass, green hay fields, green leaves on trees. Right now all we have been seeing in our parts is white - I can't wait to see green again.

6. Grandparents. That would be Tom and me.

7. Gatorade. I drink it on an occasion - not really my thing but those grandkids really like it.

8. Greenhouse. Boyerts Greenhouse. A local greenhouse that is just down the road from us. I love going in the greenhouse and looking at all those beautiful plants.

9. Gray's Anatomy. One of my favorite TV shows. Thursday night is the only night during the week I'm up late.

I am running out of steam here - so --

10. Goat. We have never had goats, thought about it, just never got involved. I think sheep would be a better choice - this could help cut down on yarn buying.

So that is 10 things about me and the letter G.

Until next time......

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Sandy said...

Love your G words. Found your blog through your daughter, Sara. When you mentioned Boyert's Greenhouse, I just had to send you a comment. I live several miles south of Boyert's! A small world!