Saturday, January 31, 2009

Conversation with self!?!

This has been an ongoing conversation all month with myself but today - the last day of January I decided to let you all know my thoughts.

Self: Tomorrow is February 1, I need a new project. Maybe try some nice warm socks to keep my very cold feet warm.

Voice: No, No, No. You still have projects to finish - what about those fingerless gloves for Kris?

Self: Maybe a new sweater. I bought that pattern a month ago. I have knitted 2 sweaters but don't have one for myself yet. That sounds good - a sweater.

Voice: No, No, No. You still have one sleeve left to knit on Sara's cropped cardigan. You need to finish that. You said these things would be done by the end of the month. That's today!!

Self: Maybe a neck warmer from Tiennie Knits. Definitely Tyler needs a neck warmer. He is always outside with his Cartharts on and they just don't come up high enough on his neck. Grandma's hate to see that kind of thing going on. Scarves are to dangerous when your out in the barn. And- he couldn't find his hat the last time I was there so he was wearing a hat I knit for him when he was 2 - definitely did not fit.

Voice: No, No, No. You have other projects to work on.

Self: Tiennie Knits posted the patterns yesterday for the neck warmers, so I won't even have to figure out how many stitches to cast on, what size needle, I even have yarn.

Who's winning this conversation?? Today the fingerless mitts and the cropped cardigan will be done. As for some of the other projects - I ripped out one so I don't have to worry about that anymore. The rest can wait. I'm knitting neckwarmers tomorrow.

Enjoy the last day of January. Just remember, we are getting closer to Spring!!

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Sara said...

Ok, so now I know where I get it. I had a similiar conversation about quilts today. But i started something new, I need thread to do some quilting of tops. Guess that was a good enough excuse to start something new. I want a neck warmer, more than a new hat! Hope your feeling better!