Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its time for me to play Pay It Forward!! This is the gorgeous counted cross stitch that I received from Angie over at Children in the Corn. It is just beautifully done, framed and perfect for a country chicken. Right now it sits on top of a cuboard in my kitchen until I find a more permanent home for it. I just love it. Thanks Angie!!!
So now I need 3 people to play with me. Just leave me a comment that you want to join. I will then make you something hand crafted - which from me will be knitted. I am aiming for my items to be done late summer, early fall. After you receive your gift from me then you have to sign up 3 friends to play along with you, make them something in the craft of your choice and the circle goes on and on. I actually think you have a year to get these items done and its up to you what you wish to send. Truly no pressure in this at all.
Enjoy your weekend.......