Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grandparents Day

Today I went to Tyler's preschool for grandparents day. We had a good time playing games, singing songs, eating cookies. When it was over I said I would take him to lunch and he picked Burger King - so off we went.

He is a really kind hearted little boy. When we got back to his house he gave me a present. The bag had some candy mints, a letter, a map, ornaments that he made and a necklace that Kris had made. It was a good morning...
When I got home the temps were in the 40s so I was outside most of the afternoon cleaning up flower beds that never got cleaned out before the snow came and putting up some outside Christmas decorations. I got about half up and it started to rain. I will just work at it little by little for the rest of the week and what's not up by Saturday will stay in the box for this year.
Until next time......

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Lib said...

Sounds Like a fun day!:o)