Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom!!

Yep - we are also celebrating a BD today. Tom, Sara and Rich's oldest is 14!! We had a great time at Kris and Todd's last night. Jessica and Tyler got a Wii so we were all trying it out. Everyone was having fun with the boxing and bowling games. We are even thinking we have to have a Wii party with all the families.

Matt's girlfriend Bethany came last night - so we had a fun time opening up presents, trying things out and now eating chicken wings that Matt made. They were really, really good.

This afternoon we are going to Sara and Rich's after they get off work and celebrate Christmas and the birthday with them. First we do Christmas and then we do birthday with ice cream cake.

What can I saw about Tom?? He is a good hearted grandson - funny, talkative, video loving teenager. He is a sport lover and I think if it were possible he would play every single sport. Basketball and baseball are usually the teams you will find him on. He's a good team player. He is always ready to help his Grandma and Grandpa and actually this past summer did a lot of the little extra chores around our place for us. He drove the tractor, helped stack hay, would run the weed wacker, helped stack wood and generally did whatever was asked. (Wait until he sees what I have planned for this Spring and Summer.) One other thing about him is his ability to eat. When he would come over to help out I knew I had better be stocking up on Powerade and goodies. That kid can polish off a 9x13 pan of brownies in one sitting - which always makes a Grandma happy that one of you grandkids like what you bake so much they just sit down and eat it all!!

I'm hoping you and yours are enjoying your day as much as we are... I had better get going - I still have presents to wrap...

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