Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

I meant to post this yesterday but things just kept happening so no post for Wednesday. This is the top part of my little tree in the living room with some of my favorite ornaments (especially the border collie one). Annie is still hanging in there. Some days she does great, others not so great, but none of the bad days are like the bad days of 2 months ago. She is still really, really thin and so I go to great lengths to get her to eat. Her new favorite is eggs and french toast. Eggs we have plenty of so she gets an egg on a regular basis. She's eating the dog food better so that is a plus. I don't think she will ever get back to the walking in the park but she still is a good companion and most days you will find her in front of the fire or under my desk while I'm working.
Hopefully I will be back soon with another picture or 2. Right now I'm off to do some quick errands. We have winter storm warnings out, the freezing rain and ice variety which will be nasty. Enjoy these days before Christmas...

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