Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is your decorating style??

I love all the primitive blogs that they have out there. I think it used to be called country. I spend a lot of time reading them and trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the things I have seen with what I have.

Have you seen the dining room chairs that have the cut little wreaths tied to the back of them? I love that look and I though I might give it a try. But.. the other day I was cleaning up and realized Tom has 2 of his bridles for the horse over one of the chairs. (He keeps them in the house so the bits are not cold in the horses mouth should he get the chance to ride.)
What do you think - bridles or wreaths?? Somehow I think we will go with bridles for this year.
Off to do some knitting tonight. I finally figured out my mistake on Sara's cropped cardi. Hopefully I will get this sweater done by the end of the week.
Enjoy your week...


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Well you know my blog... I am primitive. There actually is a difference between the two! Country is more cutesy, and primitive is more dark and stark. Not lots of clutter... More bigger pieces, stars, houses, etc. I used to have country too. I started taking out the country and replaced with primitive over a couple of years :o)

Kristie said...

Giggle! I just love the primitive look and that is how I want to decorate my home too! But like you I also have horse stuff everywhere! :) Hubby has a couple of bridles and a pair of spurs laying beside his recliner! And I have my big saddle on a saddle stand in my bedroom! I paid too much for it to put it out in the barn with the others! :) So at least you and I have the same decorating style! Maybe we will set a new trend! :)

Lib said...

I Love country dec. with Primitive and Victorian sprinkled around. Guess you don't find this style in most homes ,but I try hard not to keep up with the Jones!.lol
Have a great day!